if healthy forget a mask!

ABC news Australia tells us wearing a mask is not recommended

“One of the reasons we’re not encouraging people to use them is because they may actually be giving people a false sense of security.”

To wear or not to wear that is the question

My questions are –

  1. How do I know that I have Covid-19 if I do not have symptoms?
  2. Hospitals and walk in centres will not test for the virus even if I have symptoms unless I meet the criteria so how can I know I have it?
  3. Can it still spread without me knowing? (my family and close friends)
  4. I cannot buy masks any more so as an alternative, do I just lock myself away and hoard supplies?
  5. I cannot buy a thermometer right now so how can I measure my temperature without going to a DR/Hospital?
  6. Are hospitals following the best advice for public health or what the government is telling them? (filtered through political motivations)

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