i wish i was 37 again

Great age. I wish I could turn back that clock but we are not talking age but rather Covid-19 deaths in Australia. One 85 and one 86 year old recently died. Most are over 70 years of age. People are thinking (but not saying aloud so much) that these people would have died soon anyway. But these people are all someones relative and no matter what age your mum dies (as an example) it always hurts. I wish I got another year with my mum.

To read more about how it compares to the flu you can read this article.

Last time I checked Health Gov we were at 5687 cases. According to various sources the death rate is around 5 %. Australia is at .005%, significantly lower. Conversely Italy is currently 12% . That is horrendous and generally is attributed to age. Approximately 23% are over 65 there while 15% is the rough figure here.