nuts fall from the tree

This whole subject has caused incredible stirs on the internet. Why? If this bloke is nuts why give him more credibility by taking him down everywhere? He might be completely nuts but he does speak well and presents his research. To be honest I am unconvinced and will continue to observe social distancing and assume there is a pandemic. But if a nutter says something else why take him down?

This is not the same as the NZ terrorist live streaming his murderous rampage and sets a very dangerous precedent. If I have a message that I believe is true and make a video and people actually watch it then it can be censored even though it is just my opinion. While we are at it we should therefore take down every single religious video because they might say something authorities disagree with. But let’s leave the cat videos alone why don’t we? We are being told to only follow official sources of news which sound a lot like where? China?

Completely discredited?