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How Humanity is Controlled, Kill Switches, AI; Body, Cell & Brain Frequency w/Dr. Cyrus Parsa (2of2)

The Age of AI 5G and How it Programs You Against Your Free Will with ANI Part 1

By The AI Organization -April 11, 2020

Artificial Narrow Intelligence has 3 stages. ANI, AGI and ASI. ANI, or in other terms, Artificial Narrow Intelligence, is comprised of your smart phones, Internet of Things (IoT) such as Alexa, Siri, virtual chat bots and robots. The programming that goes into a machine that is made of artificial narrow intelligence is not known to have consciousness, yet it has something called deep learning. Deep learning is a process similar to what a human being or a baby would go through by experiencing its environment, taking in data and being taught various skills and thinking.

Programming via Bio-Digital Social Programming on 5G AI

After robots, IoT’s and smart phones are engrained into society, a process of bio-digital social programming begins. I described this term previously. A process that impacts you biology, emotions, digital image or soul, as it programs you through the interconnections of machines, 4G, 5G networks as it connects to A.I. People have been programmed and manipulated by content via media outlets, social media, people and what they view on television for decades. Yet, with the age of machines, this programming reaches a stage that is frightening and imperceptible to human beings.

Google, Social Media and Internet Bias

Articles, posts, videos, images and sound produce content governed by ANI systems that stem from AI Coding and AI Algorithms that mobilize a programmed idea engineered through innate bias, strategic bias, and proximity censors reinforcing the bio-digital social programming of human beings. Through this process, their thoughts, and actions are formed from the AI system and AI

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