truth about reconciliation

Reconciliation is often used as a away of balancing the books or more traditionally the cheque book. It means that expenditure is accountable. Our actions are accounted for and therefore reconciliation can take place. In Australia we talk about reconciliation between the original inhabitants of the country and the people who came and colonised it. But what you need to know is it does not stop there. It is not just shaking hands and saying sorry. It will mean sacrifice and actions for both sides of the relationship. So in the example of Aboriginals and other Australians both parties will need to change their position towards each other so they become compatible in their beliefs and actions and interface with each other. They can connect and communicate knowing that what separated them has been removed. If one party refuses then reconciliation cannot take place.

It is not just shaking hands and saying sorry

There is a target that can not be sighted into a scope no matter how good the rifleman is. You could be the best sniper in the world but that shot is unobtainable. It is impossible to make. You might try and take it but you will become frustrated as you miss time and time again. You could practice and refine your technique to the point of perfection and still the shot will miss. You swear to yourself you can make it and you sweat blood to get that one sweet shot and just when you think you have it you fall short – again.

What you are failing to see is in order to take that shot you will need to completely change the direction you are facing. That does not make sense you say, what does that have to do with anything? Well it has everything to do with it because as a human you will never become good enough. When you take your first breath at birth the very innermost part of your being was already flawed at its core. Your subatomic structure is out of alignment and no matter what you do or where you go or how hard you work it always will. It is like that crack in a house that you keep repairing . You call the engineer and he tells you exactly what needs to be done and charges you hundreds of dollars and then just when you think the unsightly flaw is gone forever it reappears. You fall to your knees and weep or you shake your fist at the air and rage.

Your subatomic structure is out of alignment

At this point you can give up or keep persisting or you can accept that flaw and cover it up so you cannot see it and be reminded of its existence however just when it disappears from consciousness something will remind you. When you wake up at 3AM it will gnaw at the corner of your subconscious and cause anxiety and lost sleep. Going to a therapist or taking medication will be no different than covering up that crack in your house because they treat the symptom not the root cause. I have already alluded to the root of the matter and that is our inherent and brutal imperfection. No amount of self improvement will ever address that flaw because the solution does not come from within you or from this existence. The cure comes from the outside and until you turn and face that fact you will be lost to that particular truth. You will become numb and despondent or you will rage and blame everything else but yourself.

medication will be no different than covering up that crack in your house

Here the conundrum lies. The answer is external but the problem is internal. You need to reconcile the two but you do not have the solution to this particular equation. You might think you do but in the still moment before the sun rises each day you know it is a lie. When the day begins you forget about it for another 24 hours believing today you will solve it or at least get closer. But as years become decades you realise you are no closer. So you can numb yourself again or rage.

Reconciliation is the interface between the internal and the external. It is the link that will never become available to you unless you change your direction. The direction you change to will not be obvious at first as will the solution. The solution will not become available until the direction is changed. It will be the point just past the horizon that you have been straining towards since birth. Incidentally your parents, your schools and peers are all certain they have the cable in their hands that plugs the internal to the external but all they can do is wave it around admittedly somewhat impressively. Their intellect is incredible. Their persuasion is irrefutable and their evidence is indisputable.

Stop for a moment and listen. Block out all the white noise around you. Breathe deeply if you must to calm yourself as much as you can. Be prepared for the illogical. Embrace the insanity that flies in the face of everything you have become since birth. Listen to the voice you have heard every single moment of every breath you have ever taken. Now turn towards the voice and brace yourself for the onslaught of fear that will rage against you. It will tell you that now is not the time or that the voice is a lie or indeed does not exist. Stop and go back to your life before it is too late. You will lose who you are. Your identity will become null and void.

The solution will not become available until the direction is changed.

As you listen to the words that will revolutionise and cause a pandemic of change you realise that what you are hearing is the small still voice that comforted you in your mothers womb. It was there when you took your first steps and drove your first car and kissed your first lover. It never gave up on you. It waited at the gate each evening knowing that today you would return home. Home. The voice is so meticulously beautiful and dazzling but so familiar that your heart beats with each word.

“Come to me tired one. You have carried your life too long. My way is an easier load. I will bring you my strength and teach you how to travel light for the rest of your life. Fall on me and be broken so I can place the pieces back in their intended order. Lose everything you call your life and in exchange I will breathe my life in to you. I will reconcile you to your original design and shape every molecule inside you so they sing with joy. I have always been the direction you longed for and the life you dreamed of. I am the interface to God. I became your failure and shortcoming.

I took the devastating and incurable flaws of your humanity on my own body and became you in a supreme millisecond of sacrifice. My name is Yahshua and there is no other way to God except through me. You can no more bend the laws of physics than change your internal identity without the mechanism that only I provide. Cease raging against the impossible and be infused with inescapable reality of the infinite purifying truth that resonates through every molecule of your physical existence. My precise perfection is available to you not because of anything you can achieve no matter how magnificent this world tells you that is. You cannot earn what you never paid for but I already stood in that place that you have been until now. Now is that moment. Now is that time. Turn to my voice and give your being to me. “

Paraphrased from the book