the great distraction

There have been many pivotal events in the history of our planet. So many we could not possibly even begin to list them all and accurately articulate in a few paragraphs the cause and consequences of each. The Great War (to end all wars) was like nothing ever seen in modern history with horrendous loss of life and society changing forever. Future wars would always be compared to it. We can find a plethora of information about this global event so we need not go on. Of course then there was the Great Depression where stock markets plummeted and unemployment rates climbed to new records as economies all over the world tanked. Again we do not need to go on about this global event that was seen as a once in a century occurrence. All future economic collapses would be compared to it.

What we are seeing today is something that has never been witnessed before in modern history and all the access to social media, diverse online streams and news publications make it loom like a giant global spectre. A world wide pandemic followed by a great collapse of economies and the lives of tens of millions devastated and falling in to poverty. Some predict that countless small and medium businesses could disappear forever leading to a realignment of the world economy post pandemic like we could not have imagined only a few months ago.

But let us list some of the highlights here –

  • A virus of undetermined origin with claims it was man made or it started in a wet market in China.
  • A disease that has not yet been formally isolated using accepted gold standard practices.
  • Record economic stimulus packages from governments using funds from sources we did not know existed.
  • Blame going back and forth between China and the United States and much of the world demanding recompense for damages to millions livelihoods from China because of their cover-ups.
  • Numbers of infections and deaths being enormously over stated compared to initial projections.
  • Causes of death being misconstrued to support the apparent virulence of a virus that kills less than the flu.
  • Hospitals underwhelmed and people questioning the claims of world governments to the contrary.
  • Lockdowns of entire countries against all common sense practices to isolate the sick and not the healthy.
  • The world being told that outrageous and unscientific social distancing rules will persist for many more months and we must get used to this new normal.
  • Multiple world wide demonstrations of people demanding that draconian measures be ceased immediately and life to go back to normal.
  • Spikes in mental illness, child and spousal abuse and alcohol consumption.
  • The biggest deployment of communication satellites in the human history by Space X.

We could go on and on but what is this all about? Is there something far larger lurking in the shadows? Like a master magician using the slight of hand to deceive our minds in to believing an illusion. We are witnesses to a feast of the eyes, ears and hearts of all human kind.

I believe something has occurred that we do not yet see and all of this will soon be know as The Great Distraction. Look here! Listen to this! Trust us! Obey us! echoes in our minds to point of our senses being overwhelmed and our wills being coerced by a orchestra of misinformation. Make no mistake we are all being conditioned like a CIA experiment for a reason. But for what is the question that has no answer.

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