Coles and Wollies are censoring us further based on the opinion of one commentator. Getting on a soapbox and yelling does not make something true. But if I say something from a mainstream radio station most people will believe it without investigation and proof. On the radio post I did not see any actual screenshots or substantiation of the below podcast and I am a big fan of the station.

 “dangerous information”, “dodgy medical advice” and “conspiracy theories.”

“Coles encourages all Australians to follow the advice of government health authorities on all health matters including COVID-19.”

In other words what the big media outlets are saying. Saying something over and over does not make it true I thought. Sorry I think. The podcast is below.

  • Vaccines and autism – There is plenty of information that challenges the validity vaccines and links to autism
  • Conspiracy theories – code for what mainstream society cannot accept as possible and what some authorities do not want you to be aware of. Incidentally this includes medical science.
  • 5G safety – no peer reviewed and publish papers tell us it is safe with hundreds of scientists worldwide that specialise in relevant fields have concerns about. 

I could not find the stuff Ben mentions as dangerous but you can check for yourself. I do not see what the Dr on the the show saw on that site.

I would love for some of these stories to be publicly debated like vaccine safety, 5G and the science that covid-19 actually exists as we are told it does.

This illustrates that what is being censored might actually be true. She published a book called the Plague of Corruption.

Her Face book page.

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