the exact opposite

What we are doing in this pandemic is the exact opposite that good science suggests.

  • World wide enforced vaccines will make someone 100’s of billions in profit.
  • How can someone own a patent for a virus that was not yet publicly known and then sell a vaccine?
  • People who are not elected or qualified are directing world medical policy.
  • Fanatical sterilisation can kill the good bacteria and viruses that protect us from those that can hurt us.
  • Drs are outraged by the treatment procedures concerning Covid-19
  • Drs are being coached to place Covid-19 as the cause of death.
  • Hospitals are being compensated substantially more for Covid-19 compared to other respiratory diseases
  • Coronaviruses are very common in the population and therefore is is possible that many results false are positive skewing statistics
  • The virus is not naturally occurring and could not spread directly from a bat.
  • You don’t die from an infection.
  • Ventilators are killing people not treating them.
  • Italy was hit hard because of an aging population and a untested flu vaccine that contained H1N1 which was grown in a dog cell line (which have a high amount of coronaviruses).
  • hydroxychloroquine use is being discouraged and discredited even though it has effectively been used for 70 years.
  • Alternate antiviral drugs are no longer available because they cannot be patented.
  • Flu vaccines make you more vulnerable to coronaviruses

Dr Judy Mikovits Lays Out How It Was Created 

This is a very informative video and is mirrored so it is not censored as most have been.

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