We have a red flag on a virus that is not what we think it is.

  • Please show us independent scientific peer reviewed papers using the correct methods of isolating the virus RNA.
  • We desire these papers to be made public via the normal channels.
  • We desire the ability to discuss the findings openly and honestly with other scientists and individuals and be able to debate and engage in further research following the principles of traditional science.
  • We desire conflict of interest to be eliminated by engaging scientists that are not funded directly or indirectly by vaccine companies or those with a vested interest in them.


The whole world has a blue sky above us all and we need to see it.

  • We desire the scientific peer reviewed papers behind the lock downs and social distancing shown to us and debated openly and honestly the same way as RED.
  • We urge that economies to be reopened with the vulnerable and the sick isolated and not the healthy (or the first point for any justification of social distancing and lock downs)


We need the vaccine industry to come out and shine light on why a vaccine is being pushed so urgently because of RED.

  • We desire full disclosure on the contents of any vaccine produced that specifically addresses RED.
  • We desire transparency in the production and distribution of any such vaccine including risks and side affects.
  • We feel that individuals should be able to make their own determination (based upon the above) if they want to receive the vaccine.
  • We desire that our ability to travel or produce an income for our families is not dictated by the above choice we make.