quantum dot

Every generation we see things that make us think that the end is coming.

  • The Great War – World War I/II
  • The Great Depression
  • The GFC
  • The Great Pandemic – 2020

There are many others of course. But for those of us who have not lived through the first 2 events we think life will go back to normal very soon. Normal being what we perceive it to be in our very limited existence. Perhaps there will be a new normal.

This Great Pandemic has all the signs of being the one event that can truly end the modern world as we have come to know it. For those who lived through the Great Wars this would have seemed like the end or the very apocalypse – there is no doubt. But this current event has what no other generation has ever had.

  • A massive satellite network that has never previously existed will blanket the globe.
  • The introduction of 5G technology that can carry unprecedented data over the air using that network.
  • The ability for every human being to be tagged and tracked using this network.
  • World wide government consensus.

This is where the last technology comes in to play. Soon we will be asked to receive a vaccine to protect us from the Great Pandemic and if certain parties have their way it may contain crude Nano technology that allows a biological entity to be tracked and basic information to be stored locally on the subject. This information can than be scanned and transmitted almost instantaneously anywhere in the world using the new network (soon to be 6G) By the time 6G comes out the next iteration of the NANO tech will be released. (pure speculation based upon research)

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