I recently saw an ad for pizza flouting that they had contactless payment as though that was a virtue. Social distancing is not based on any proven science. It was a guess at best and its long term affect on humanity worldwide will not be realised for many years. The human need of socialisation is a known and those who naturally self isolate become unbalanced. (I am one that tends to go this way) The longer this event continues the more this becomes true to me as an introvert.

I have missed birthdays of family because of the event. Those who restrict our movements using baseless theory themselves know how utterly wrong it is and break the rules that they advocated for as we saw recently with Professor pandemic and his extra marital jaunt. Why then do they persist with the social distancing? (the new normal) Some will say it is because of an agenda.

Let’s consider China. How can you social distance with over a billion people? Impossible. Some cite that industrial activity showed a significant reduction but was that just the normal cycle with the New Year? (As stated by a westerner living there now) If this conjecture is true then the virus was timed rather well for China. It happened in a quiet time of industry but a busy time of travel. That way the event could spread throughout the world. Yes this is just all guess work and due to the amount of misinformation there is no way to be certain.

But none of that is the point. What will be the consequences of this purposeful demolition of world economies on communities, family and people? Why are we being forced to socially isolate? I have read and heard that global surveillance does not yet have the capacity to individually identify us in small groups and that is the agenda I alluded to. Can this be true? It seems this question of a contactless society might go deeper than we think? In the end the cost will not be monetary, lost freedoms and a new normal but the human soul.

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