onion peel

Voice of the below

Have you heard of London Real? Well truth is like an onion peel. When they tell us all how to feel we hear the door of the dungeon seal!

Ok, I will stop that terrible rendition right there. The fact is we often look at truth as layered or dimensional and multifaceted. Depending on the way you look at it we gleam something new each time like a diamond. Perspective brings clarity.

When I think I use pictures and sentences seeing them in the air as I am terrible with text, numbers and traditional ways of measuring intelligence. Recently I thought I was rejected twice for jobs based on this (a 3 hour exam) but after a few weeks of disappointment and self loathing I realised why. I could not BS effectively. I am too honest, my lifelong yoke. It is like my spectrum burden. I am always years ahead in thinking or decades behind depending on who you talk to.

So I am almost always misunderstood and confused with someone that has an agenda to undermine or expose something for my own spiteful gain. Nothing could be further from the truth. (peel away a layer) My simple motivation is justice. The unveiling of truth like the Jewish temple veil that stops the impure from passing across the threshold in to Gods presence.

I see the world differently from my family, most of my peers and community. Like a young man on London Real, I have known since a little boy that this world was somehow “off” kilter or misaligned. I never accepted anything my teachers taught me or even what my parents instructed me as reality. That means when politicians speak or executives in a company I know their motivations are not what they say they are. They seek only to arrange me to further their own career and use me as their special play thing as long as I do not question that motive. (I tend to have these old fashion thing called loyalty, faithfulness and integrity – well mostly)

So peel away another layer. That loyalty goes one way. I have been betrayed by those who called me their best friend and brother. The very men who come to my house, sit at my table, eat my food, hug me and tell me they love me. They whispered in my ear to gain my trust and to take advantage of my loyalty and faithfulness and to exploit me at the most intimate level. Do I become paranoid, bitter, untrusting of authority and passive aggressive or do I leave that behind and do something unexpected like peel away another layer?

I am getting rather exposed here, don’t you see that? Not that long ago I yelled at the sky and told the world that I hated it and I hoped it would end in the cataclysm of a fusion weapon. What I heard back was laughter – not literal but almost a mocking of my defiance. So that layer is gone and now it is getting very uncomfortable.

What we see happening in this world right now can be summarised in the onion because once we reveal all of the layers what do you get? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I will not stop there because the flaw of my argument has been revealed. All of my frustrations, pain, anguish, and literal tears from taking apart that onion have been all for naught. It was pointless in a way. You see that is the false beauty of the puzzle, the conundrum and ultimately the lie of my pursuit of justice and truth. Examine the following three words –

  • Kill
  • steel
  • destroy

Search Google or Duckduckgo and what do you see? The definite and final reality of all you see happening around you.

Or you could simply grab another onion and start to peel it. Be my guest.