in a nutshell – 7 minutes of gold

What a precise and outstanding video that summarises where we are right now and what might happen in the near future!

  • By watching this you might get to the root of the real story
  • This video is a letter to a popular YouTube personality who is asking questions about what is going on in the US and the pandemic.

1. Social distancing effectiveness thoughts

2. The Who suggested Sweden was an example to keep the economy going but not totally locked down.

3. A Swedish senior scientist says there is no real evidence that lockdowns work.

4. Two doctors in the US believe the lockdown was illogical in the context of the numbers and it will be much worse than the virus.

5. Australian Judy Wilyman, PHD says we do not lock down for the flu and that is all we are seeing.

6. An Italian leader in parliament believes they were lied to about numbers and gives a speech.

7. The Professor who told us the sky would fall violates his own lockdown in the UK.

8. Vitamin D (AKA the sun) actually can work!

9. The virus was never actually isolated by scientists.

10. Testing is flawed

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