It has felt very strange ever since the lock down was announced. Something inside me warned that this is not right. But how can a mere mortal like me actually find out what is happening? How can I go against the tide of media and belief systems that trust our authorities so intrinsically. Let’s examine this perplexing subject. These are just my lose thoughts so feel free to comment below!

  1. Research – I know this is obvious but how can you possibly know what is true and what is just conspiracy theory crap as we are being told or that there is more to what is being said? (or not being said) – Answer: To start, follow your instincts and logical thought progressions. Do not panic if you get a little confused just go with it.
  2. Anti lobby groups – These Facebook groups are just paranoid delusion nut jobs aren’t they? Answer: Yes and no. Some are very one way and will argue no matter what the science says. But many are informed. Read what they say and the evidence they cite, especially anything from scientists.
  3. Listen to the media commentary – We can trust the media outlets can’t we? – Answer: No. We cannot trust everything that they say. Often they are just repeaters. See if you can find the source of what they are saying. Check out who owns the outlets and if the same news is across many publications as this might be a red flag.
  4. What the media will not speak about – They are just protecting us aren’t they? – Answer: No. They publish what they instructed to within certain boundaries. If they go outside what is sanctioned they will be shutdown by the editors.
  5. Look for common ground on your research – Surely there is only one truth so why would people disagree? Answer: Because we are human. If we agreed on everything you would know something was off. Think of the information as all subjective and potentially wrong. Then in your imagination see it all falling to the ground. Where does the information fall on common ground. Concentrate there.
  6. Be prepared for others to think you are a weirdo – These people are my friends so should not be threatened by me questioning the status quo? Answer: No your friends and colleagues might feel very uncomfortable about your willingness to entertain alternative logic. Even though you are just speculating you might get labelled a conspiracy theorist even though you don’t see yourself that way and have never really bought into alien abductions!

Finally, with all this expect to be wrong sometimes even when you thought you were right. See that as fine tuning your thinking. If your research agrees with the mass media then that might indicate you did not research enough or it might actually be all good! Not every thing is a conspiracy. But just watch out for anything that is 90% correct as they are the most insidious lies and easiest to swallow.

I forgot to mention that you should not always focus on one individual and be angry at that person too quickly. You might find they are running interference without even knowing it. This will also mean you blame them for things they might not be responsible for.

Also, we all stretch the truth (lie) to protect ourselves. The media, government and other authorities are no different so don’t be naïve to think so. (nothing really new)

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