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My brother is scientist so I can never affectively argue with him because I am essentially too dumb. (frustrating for me) So I took notes for him on DR. RASHID BUTTAR HOSTS A DOCTOR’S COVID-19 ROUNDTABLE. I know he will not take them seriously as my knowledge is senior high school biology. He agrees with man being the biggest instigator of climate change where I see climate change as far too complex to make that conclusion.

Therefore here are my notes from this video for him that I never sent.

My notes – 
164 doctors in USA etc agree 85-90% – doctors of all colours, ethnic groups and different countries, sexes etc. The chair of the meeting has been contacted by thousands of peers.

  • Stats are inaccurate for deaths – no pandemic
  • They are being told to push covid19 for death
  • 5G suppresses the immune system – cause issues – not caused by 5G!!!!!
  • There is a vaccine agenda
  • We do not need a vaccine for covid19 – it should not be rushed
  • Vaccine are not tested enough and contain harmful elements like mercury and aluminium 
  • Masks make it much worse.
  • massive conflict of interest for Fauci as he heavily invested in vaccines – his money
  • covid19 was not the cause of 90% of deaths
  • Bill Gates should not be dictating health policy (as he is also not elected!)
  • Drs practices have been negatively affected by this.
  • They do not agree with social distancing with no scientific basis.
  • We should all just go back to work (no reason not to)
  • Most have experienced ridicule for their onion.

Other information proved- much of it is discredited by media without any evidence to the contrary. Example ABC.
WHO is compromised by China, an alledged terrorist as their boss and significantly financed by a software man Bill Gates who has no medical degree or any degree at all. His family is elite, and they believe in population reduction by his own words.
Google, facebook are censoring scientific videos and returning bias search results. Have seen this first hand. Mainstream media call these scientists conspiracy theorists but that is complete BS. So Media in the US is colluding – Trump fake media because most of them owned by the same central companies. (that is always a good idea – like Rupert Murchoch who by the way is heavily invested in vaccines. LOL)
Even the CDC seems to be compromised. (opinion of many)
Allegedly Bill Gates wants a vaccine to change our physiology however would he take advice off you as biologist for his software? – no way. Why does he get a say. FACT: He called our Prime Minister!!!! What the heck!
So what I am now certain of is

  • This is not a pandemic – cannot trust China and WHO
  • Lockdown is a catastrophic event.
  • Covid19 stats are completely bogus.
  • A vaccine is coming and will be mandatory.

What I suspect is based on thousands and thousands in agreement –

  • Testing is inaccurate as no paper shows its scientific isolation – CDC say it was but cannot prove it based on scientist’s investigation who have no agenda
  • History will show this pandemic is the biggest hoax played out on humanity – does not make me angry just very sad. 
  • Fear is being weaponised against us.

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