A former British Prime Minister has called for the creation of a global government to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. (Very convenient reason)

Gordon Brown, who was both Prime Minister and leader of Britain’s left-wing Labour Party from 2007 until 2010, told British media that the world government he proposed would address the medical and financial crises caused by COVID-19. It would direct efforts to find a vaccine for the virus, organize its production and purchase, and stop profiteers (huh?)

“We need a global initiative to take charge and save humanity form nasty enemies”


Sounds like someone wants to be emperor but I wonder who will emerge? Bill Gates? (not a chance.) Obama? Or a new player will come from behind the curtains and we will announce. “Ahh hail…….!!!!”

Get you mark here! You want a business! Get your mark!

I forgot top mention Billy G (Not Billy Jean) is rolling out a prototype network to a developing country that really needs our help. Trust me he says as I am a good boy!

Is he talking about Belinda Gates?

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