source code

Are exosomes the transport mechanism of the source code of our DNA? The source code being the original version 1.0 (The baseline using IT terminology) of the faultless human biology. Does this contain the purest version of ourselves? I wonder because they are used to heal and restore the body to its original health. When the exosome delivers its payload does this contain that code that enables corrupted and stressed cells to revert back to version 1.0? I have no idea as I do not have the science background to understand all of the incredibly complex processes that occur as exosomes are produced and then go about their purpose.

I imagine that this process is a like hitting a reset button where all changes made to us at the sub-atomic level can be reversed because our physiology now knows the original code to compare all other versions present. Then it can tell which cells are impure so they can be removed and new cells coded in to existence that can replicate that digital copy of themselves as needed.

If the source code of our DNA is altered using an alternative could that fool our body into accepting these as version 1.0 and therefore replicate the purpose of the introduced exosome in to our very core? Could it permanently corrupt our DNA? If the source code is lost where can the body now find it? Is there a back up somewhere? (IT speak) I do not know and the more I write the more it sounds like a science fiction novel I might have read. (or a combination of many)

What if a vaccine introduces a new source code?