the great depression

Stress has been known to cause an increase in blood pressure and many other side affects including depression. Mental illness will reap 100,000’s of lives in the world. As a result the death toll will far out scale the virus which is already over exaggerated! 600,000 die of TB each year and the seasonal flu claims more than what have died so far. (we know many covid-19 deaths are probably flu related anyway.)

People will also die because surgical procedures are being postponed and life saving testing is not occurring while hospitals remain empty. The madness continues without anyone being able to stop it. Or perhaps someone is enjoying the suffering they are perpetrating upon the common man.

Social distancing is creating paranoia among neighbors. Lonely and frightened people will become unhinged and go over the edge. Suicide will keep increasing exponentially as massive debt accumulates and is placed on the shoulders of future generations. It will potentially enslave them to poverty for decades.