hide and seek

Bill Gates is not the dorky person we have all been lead to believe he is. In fact far from it. If I could descriptive him in layman’s terms I would call him the Prince of Ass-holes. (The poster boy of psycho paths) A genius yes but not for the reasons you think. He gets pleasure from the suffering of others.

When I was a little kid I was a bully to weaker kids and enjoyed seeing them squirm but after the toughest kid in the school beat me up I abandoned those ways. That was the first time he beat me up and there would be another. The next time would be because he was the bully and I stood up to him. He scarred me for a long time.

But Bill the founder of Microsoft stole the operating system and bullied the software development community in to paying him for licensing obtaining his opportunity with IBM because his parents were part of the elite class. He was always going to succeed regardless of actual talent. Yes he has incredible ability but his real motivation is to seek a sick pleasure from controlling the masses, particularly torturing young children with experimental vaccines. His wife also seems to be the perfect partner and shares his passions. Perhaps some would say a marriage made in hell.

What we would go to jail for he seems to get away with because other elites have his back and they are all doing likewise. A simplistic view I agree but very close to the truth.

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