true blue

Are you a red pill or a blue pill person? Blue pill people just want to live life in peace and not be worried about anything. They prefer to to outsource their peripheral brain (outside their area of expertise) to the authorities because the know they will look out for their best interest. They believe the ABC (BBC) and what ever they say because government backs them up. All of their friends agree with them and they send their kids to schools that reinforce these values of trust in government, doctors and science because these people are basically good and are are obviously working for the betterment of all mankind!

Most of us are conditioned to be blue people from birth. However when does someone take the red pill? I am glad you asked that pertinent question! The answer is rather simple – When something very bad happens and they believe it should not have, someone dies or gets very sick, divorce or perhaps some other traumatic event. (something that shakes their world) At that junction they have the opportunity to swallow a red pill or overdose on blue.

Very funny video! Thank you AwakenWithJP!