reset button

  • Was covid-19 just used to reset the economy?
  • 4th economic revolution!
  • All of the pieces are falling in to place
  • Post crash prosperity and build new foundations
  • The pandemic has a silver lining.
  • It’s an opportunity.
  • Social engineering 101
  • Agenda 2030

  • Prince nutter Charles agrees!
  • Fiscal stimulus ends up with the elite?
  • We need a greener world – shown to us by Covid-19 crisis.
  • We need to be in harmony – the 4th industrial revolution – bringing physical, digital and biological systems.
  • Global standards via enforceable regulation
  • Transgender agenda – to merge A.I with human biology.
  • Our bodies will be so high tech we will not know the boundary between biology and machine.
  • It does not change what we do but our very humanity.
  • A different economic system – all the needs of every human to be met globally.
  • Access to peoples thoughts and emotions via a framework using acceptable boundaries in the context of refining humanity.

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