we have a vaccine!

Soon that is what they will be shouting from the roof tops! There will be fanfare and celebration. We have a cure for Covid-19 a virus that is less deadly than a sore throat and now you need to get an massive injection. (Maybe more than one as a bonus so there is that to look forward to) Come one come all join the family of the Covid-19 vaccine clan!

This wonderful vaccine will install itself into the storage of your DNA and update your operating system just like Windows! Then your DNA will double click on the protein icons and you will receive the upgrade! Yay! What could possibly go wrong with this new cutting edge rushed vaccine? Has anyone ever used Windows? What an amazing stable experience that was! This awesome vaccine sounds a lot like that doesn’t it? Who is behind Windows I wonder and where did that analogy come from? No idea but I think I would love to install this new operating system in to my DNA. I am ready to rock and roll with my sleeve up and a happy smiling face.

Yes we can all be rebooted together with unknown, untested carcinogenic and who the hell knows what software installed on us. Hey someone said it is potentially 98% safe? What happens if you are the 2% that blue screen? Don’t worry about that you anti-vaxer conspiracy theorist nutter hater! The vaccine companies only have our best interests at heart and I am sure all their family and kids will get it! Some really nice smiling man who helps kids in India and Africa got on the idiot box and told me and I like him! And his wife was so lovely too! She is a Christian as I saw her cross.

The vaccine made by the NIH and Moderna contains no actual virus. Those shots contain the genetic code for the aptly named “spike” protein that coats the surface of the coronavirus. The body’s cells use that code to make some harmless spike protein that the immune system reacts to, ready if it later encounters the real thing. The so-called mRNA vaccine is easier to make, but it’s a new and unproven technology.

ABC News

Our Operating System

Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

We have a dedicated team of several hundred scientists and engineers solely focused on advancing Moderna’s platform technology. They are organized around key disciplines and work in an integrated fashion to advance knowledge surrounding mRNA science and solve for challenges that are unique to mRNA drug development. Some of these disciplines include mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & delivery, bioinformatics and protein engineering.

From modernatx.com

U.S. immunotherapy company Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Wednesday its experimental vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection produced protective antibodies and immune system responses in mice and guinea pigs.

The company’s shares, which have more than quadrupled this year on hopes of its vaccine working, surged another 18% to $15.77 early trading.

Trust me. Nothing bad will happen!
WE are rooting for you! See how nice they are!