Is the germ theory absolutely inaccurate?

  • 1850 – 1880 it would thought that bacteria were scavengers not the only cause of dis – ease.
  • Terrain VS germ – Luis Pasteur
  • Violate the terrain via insecticides which comes out in milk and makes us ill.
  • Check under microscope and see bacteria in the milk
  • Person with diarrhoea also has the bacteria
  • Could it just be the poisoned milk?
  • Could bacteria be there to remove toxin/poisons in milk?
  • They are helping not causing the disease
  • Don’t start with theory start with observations in science
  • Algae removes toxins from the water as do bacteria breaks down dung
  • Isolate the bacteria from milk and feed them the bacteria to biologic beings and see if they get sick?
  • Pasteur was never able to transmit the bacteria but used toxins instead.
  • He admitted he was a fraud!

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