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Exposure to EMF via 5G is becoming impossible to avoid. The cumulative affects to the human DNA is irreversible as it is a contamination of the gene pool that will not be alleviated over time. As the percentage of the affected population increases the potential for mutation will significantly increase.

There are huge psychological issues coming down the line as the younger population matures having been exposed from prenatal until adulthood.

Sperm counts have dropped by 50% and the accumulative affect is a net negative growth on the over all population word wide. Is this good? If it cannot be reversed than probably not. That would mean a gradual deterioration of the population over the long term. Could this lead to a crash in human population?

Singapore dropped by 30% in reproduction. South Korea is going down the same trend. They could be looking at significant negative growth leading to extinction. 5G could add to this and make this far worse within 4 years. We are sprinting down the wrong road to a potential disaster.

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