• You cannot sue the vaccine people! (yes billionaire people benefit – just see who owns what)
  • The court for vaccine is a joke unless you can convince the AG the government willingly injured you.
  • US government illegally patents the virus and the people buy the vaccine back from the government for the benefit of the manufacturing companies creating a financial juggernaut.
  • Anthrax scare was a completely bogus and 2003 bio-shield act got created which guaranteed sales
  • 2003-2005 – more US law was introduced to allow vaccines through that were unsafe
  • Finally an act was tacked on to a defense appropriation bill which gave them liability free protection in an emergency
  • Under the prep act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) there is no compensation
  • They can inject crap in to babies (who have no immune system yet) without liability.
  • Therefore they can roll out 5G under the emergency banner of Covid-19 without any fear of damage it could do to people!! Brilliant! You have to agree it is genius because the prep act covers them
  • This includes the Covi tracking app – oh if you loose your phone we will just chip you so no problem.
  • This is phenomenally profitable.
  • With 5G, tracking and a awesome vaccine A.I will have a party!

Gates is setting up factories to pump of the volume of capacity. It’s Gills wet-dream.

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