ignoring the science

  • Many epidemiologists are ignoring the science regarding the affects of EMF and cell tower radiation etc
  • Scientists do not all agree on everything but focus on different angles.
  • Their work compliments each other not contradicts because of their different focuses therefore media and unqualified professionals cite this even though they should know better because it suits the industry better
  • A small number of scientists focus on the heat only because of funding which therefore control the evolution of a discussion.
  • Oxidation greatly increases in cells as a result and therefore can cause disease.
  • The body has no means of defense against EMF particular iron levels that are too low or high which are both dangerous
  • Even though you cannot feel EMF you have no way of knowing what diseases might result in your body as it compensates.
  • It might make some diseases worse than they were enhancing them
  • Cell phone radiation can impair memory – documented and studied

Paul Héroux, PhD Harmful Effects of 5G and Wireless

  • Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and metabolic disturbances
  • Non-thermal effects from wireless radiation
  • Technical problems linked to the Internet of Things