no virus

If covid-19 has never been isolated and proven to exist then how do we know that it does? People who are dying of the flu have been classified as covid-19 (as have suicide and car accidents) and many people with previous flu vaccines also test positive. Reports circulating now seem to indicate that the virus in fact was active in the later half of 2019 meaning that most of world may have already been infected. But could this be yet another distraction?

David Icke a very controversial investigative journalist/philosopher has been quoted saying it is a complete scam and there is no virus. I tend agree based on the months of information and misinformation communicated from numerous sources. There is so much conflicting commentary from reputable sources such as the CDC and other world health authorities. Their own statistics just don’t add up to anything close to pandemic and mainstream media is painting the virus as some kind of highly complex mystical bug that has no defined symptoms and is evolving. (such as having affect on other organs beside the lungs) But what do scientists and doctors say that have the specific expertise?

Author of Plague of Corruption, JUDY MIKOVITZ and Dr Andrew Kaufman have a chat and talk about the elephant in the room. See what you think!