you are antenna

  • Essentially we have a electro bio field around us.
  • Why do we use a bull dozing methods for medicine instead of more subtle treatments?
  • Human bio field is a “life energy” – science can see it and measure it.
  • Potential way to diagnose health issues.
  • In-balance or stress of bio field as a result of using a 4G hand set and this increases with length of exposure.
  • Chronic stress is caused potentially by this bio field disruption – this can cause illness.
  • Highly pulsed energy not smooth and constant. This is how cell phone technology operates – using pulses – this is not how humans are designed.
  • Life is an energy field.
The bottom diagram is after being exposed to 4G compared to normal blood cells. Not a healthy sign (bottom)
  • 20,000 satellites are being launched as we speak.
  • More debilitating affects but much more testing is needed.
  • Increased negative neurological affects.
  • Human beings are the guinea pigs for this technology in particular 5G.

Beverly Rubik, PhD – Effects of Wireless on the Human Biofield