chook poop

Now the pigs, chooks and even minks are crook! The first wave was not scary enough so they needed to invent a better branded scare campaign. All of the animals are no longer sanctioned to eat because they could spread the virus. Could this is because of a push for us to purchase these products from authorised and safe source? Gill (Bill Gates) is pushing for GMO meats.

We have not seen this in Oz yet and officially there is no evidence that animals can get the virus on government websites. (As people ask their vets here) An abattoir was shutdown temporarily but there is no substantial news of this in Australia that I could find. Our country is uniquely structured with a very strong farming sector. But lets see how it gets dismantled.

Cell cultured meat

The video quotes many issues including antibiotics as a reason to research meat labs but industry bodies themselves introduced this problem originally. Isn’t it funny how we accept solutions from bodies who originally created the very scenario? So why would we trust them again? There are a lot of questions left unanswered but how has that ever stopped anyone based on historical facts? Oh, we should regulate cell cultured meat but who will oversee it? (Governments yes! That is a great idea because they have never lied and are not open to corruption and mistakes hey?)

Meanwhile Bill and the Virgin are getting in on the act. Could there be any link between food shortages caused by a statistically false pandemic, a world meat shortage and these billionaires getting involved? Absolutely no! What possible reason would they have? They are our saviours!