notes for the future

Ok there has been significant speculation about the meaning of the pandemic and its actual purpose. I have listened to many sides of the arguments and theories and have my own for scrapbook. I could be completely wrong so everyone should always do their research. There are so many pieces in play so outcomes or ways of achieving them are fluid as you would expect. When you are attempting to manipulate on such as vast scale nothing is ever guaranteed. (I have no experience with this so this is pure speculation and a generous dose of imagination)

The most visible person seems to be Gill or Bill Gates. But I doubt he is main man as they are or that person is hiding the in the wings. AKA – Anti Christ? Yes there will be front man. Someone charismatic and likable who will be pushed out in front of world but he might not be the man pulling the strings. More than likely it will be a group of people headed by someone who prefers to remain anonymous to anyone outside the immediate circle. From that small group various “departments” will be controlled filtering through regions of the world.

The steering group behind the curtain will be a culmination of numerous secret organisations and societies that have worked towards the goal for centuries. Perhaps they thought they could achieve their goals in the past but what they lacked was the means to filter information at a significant scale and capacity. That is why wireless technology has been pushed to hard as soon as they realized its potential. AKA – Starlink which by the way launched yet another barrage of satellites yesterday of which we have no control unless we shoot them down. (Good luck with that)

Now all the major pieces are in play –

  1. Control – Internet-of-Things – every device connected.
    • Implant – The vaccine is probably not the implant as nano tech is still behind unless (they are holding back decades of advancements)
    • Political – UK, Europe etc. USA is still a pain in the proverbial with the “United Nations” due to the pesky constitution. Other nations will probably fall in to line over the next decade. China is the prototype for testing the best way to achieve maximum control because the government does not have to worry about any human rights.
    • Information – Massive clamping down of what information can and cannot be released for general consumption and is deemed safe for the populous. Huge tech companies are now overtly controlling the flow of social media.
    • Food – An attempt will be made within this generation (as is now) to absorb more of the way we produce food. Control of primary industry will go out of the small farmers hands and into massive centrally owned companies.
    • Energy – For well over hundred years the primary energy has been oil, gas and coal. This is a tough one as so much money is involved but going by what I have heard a new alternative technology might just be around the corner that is patented by guess who? Fusion reactors are apparently 25 years away.
  2. Technology – A follow on from the above.
    • 5G – Needed for capacity if massive amount of additional devices and to exercise the control mechanisms which will be ultimately implanted in all humans. All evidence will be ignored until it is too late and numerous health issues will be causes and that is where point 3 falls in to place quite nicely.
    • A.I – Google, Amazon and others are working ferociously on new A.I technology that can take basic tasks out of our hands and into the hands of non-elected authorities that governments outsource to for the good of all humanity.
  3. Health – NGOs – the WHO, CDC, NHA (UK) – The WHO is backed by non-elected officials who are funded by the very group who will steer the world government’s health agenda to promotes vaccines and toxic chemicals to solve all of the problems they meticulously caused in the first place heralding themselves at saviors and financially support trillionaires that own these massive conglomerates.