There was never a pandemic in Australia. Models used were the same as the shamed UK Professor. Yet why have we destroyed the country’s economy? The science was completely bogus and it has been been corrupted. Healthy people do not need tested for a virus or be forced to receive vaccinate.

  • Only elite doctors are deciding what science is ok in Australia an advising government – hmmm sounds familiar?
  • The anti body test is being rolled out in schools will give incorrect results
  • Because welfare payments rely on compliance we are more vulnerable to control.
  • Your employer in Australia needs to be liable damages for done by vaccinations as do Doctors. (most will not sign the forms below)
  • You are made to feel you have no power but that is not true.
  • Australians have been sold a game we do not know the rules to and been indoctrinated for decades.
  • Staying silent means acceptance.
  • People are now being forced to wake up and it is a big adjustment to realize the world is not what they thought it was.
  • We can use conditional acceptance of vaccine providing that they can it is safe, has been proven to be so (published and peer reviewed) and they will take liability for any injuries that arise.
  • Consent or ascent.
  • Many doctors in Australia do not vaccine themselves or their children.
  • Doctors are being de-registered doctors who disclose side affects.
  • Recommendations VS mandatory actions.
  • The Biosecurity ACT does not apply to a man or woman so if they say everybody we can state that our name is not everybody (man or woman) This right can never be removed.
Bill gave a bogus model to Australia
Gets better after 5 minutes or so

When the majority of people believe something is true without question then you have a big problem – Mark Twain said something similar

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