Yes it is true the virus has political persuasion. It hates capitalism and wants to indoctrinate you with all kinds ideologies. Who could possibly created such an advanced A.I like bio-entity. Could George Soros be behind it? Perhaps but I think we have nailed that down to Billy G because he already patented a solution 5 years ago. (He called it – with his own words – the final solution)

I once read a very popular series where a virus infected both machines and people. Could the the founder of Microsoft who knows about virus (as windows is one) have created something like this?

Why do all of these wonderful people like George invest pharmaceuticals? (that have roundup in their products – true but hard to believe) Also all of these billionaires have close link to…you guessed it Wuhan. Oh and the Chinese Communist Party is somehow linked to the virus as are a good many big pharma companies – seems like all roads lead to Wuhan.

What has Greta Thunberg go to do with Covid-19? Probably nothing but perhaps…
Does Bill own the brick company?

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