we have got your back with 5G

The Department of health says 5G is ok.

5G technology is safe. There is no evidence telecommunication technologies, such as 5G, cause adverse health impacts.

In a letter from the Chief Medical Officer the government assures us they have done the research and it is OK. The same CMO also advised the government to shut down the country over 100 deaths that were just relabeled Covid-19. This gross misjudgement might be interpreted as treason and it cost millions of lives and businesses. It also made the public significantly more reliant on them through welfare.

This one one of the hallmarks of technocrats – make people reliant of the government. (see technocracy.news) I am not stating that it was the motivation but it is a identifier based on technocracy philosophy.

I think that history is a very forgotten source of current news events. We have lost our ability to think and reason.

In response to this statement may I present the following information that the department might have forgotten about.

10,000 science papers presentation from a reputable scientist of many decades. May I ask how many of these readily available academic resources were referred to and how many of the highly qualified men and woman were consulted?

My second question is why have you not published your finding for peer review and feedback?