He (Bill) went on to blame the politicians for failing to respond to the pandemic properly and called the country’s handling of the outbreak “embarrassing” compared to other countries.

  • Many people refuse to wear masks and
  • don’t follow the social distancing guidelines because of what politicians say about the effectiveness.

The above two points are not science Mr Bill G and you are aware of that. It is called Pseudo science. Can you remind me of who elected you and where you studied science? (did you ever graduate?) I forgot to ask if the vaccine will be completely safe and what will be it? Oh and why do we need it again if statistically its is barely a flu and we all know how effective the flu vaccine is don’t we? Also can you show us the peer reviewed and published papers about SARS Cov1 and 2? Should be on the CDC site right? Only they are not there are they? They are no-where. Also please define eugenics.

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