psi-op covid-19


Our thoughts have been shaped by a complex matrix of information and philosophy. We are not even aware of this psi-op and how it controls the direction of our lives. It shapes the very reality and the choices we make even down to what we will purchase for breakfast.

Why are people so convinced of this false pandemics power and afraid for their lives even though the actual facts contradict the matrix of covid19? The death rate is over exaggerated, falsified and misrepresented but we still believe what the mass media feeds us as though our lives depended on it.

The deep state might have overplayed their cards

There is a war for our minds. The subconscious is being overwhelmed by the torrent of false information blasting our conscious mind until we acquiesce and believe these false memories are actually our own and therefore must be true. At this moment we become the captured and not the freed. We become the unknowing slave of the insipid powers that have convinced us that their existence is just a conspiracy theory.

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