Second wave propaganda

You should read the post about torture just yesterday. What is being done in Australia now amounts to psychological manipulation and torture according to this particular post and the attached document.

Quotes today as some examples

The world after COVID-19 would be “poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly”, Scott Morrison warned.

Fifty Woolworths staff have been forced to self-isolate after a Sydney worker tested positive for coronavirus.

Australia Thought the Virus Was Under Control. It Found a Vulnerable Spot.

The authorities have locked down 300,000 people in areas around Melbourne heavily populated by immigrants, reinforcing the coronavirus’s outsized impact on disadvantaged communities – NY Times

Two men, who both spent two weeks in hotel quarantine in Melbourne, tested positive for coronavirus after returning home to New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

More than 1000 police including elite units will roam the streets of locked-down suburbs and drones will be deployed as the state battles to control rising COVID-19 cases.

A research program testing for coronavirus in Canberra’s sewerage system has found no traces of COVID-19.

The findings support the belief there have been no instances of community transmission in the ACT that may have gone undetected.

Passengers from Melbourne will face a security blitz at Sydney Airport after at least five travellers from Victoria’s coronavirus hotspots were detected after flying in on Thursday.

Tokyo has confirmed 107 new coronavirus infections, the highest daily tally in two months in the city at the centre of Japan’s outbreak, according to government officials.

Meanwhile, global tourism revenues are expected to fall by up to $US3.3 trillion due to COVID-19 restrictions, with the United States standing to lose the most.

After a week full of COVID-19 drama, a fresh scare has gone through the AFL with the league informed today of a Marvel Stadium security contractor who had tested positive.