MELBOURNE – Coronavirus conspiracy theories are hampering frantic efforts to contain a steep spike in cases around the city of Melbourne, where more than 10,000 people have refused testing, (If you have no symptoms why get tested – that is pseudo science – “a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method“) Australian health authorities warned Friday.

Suburbs affected – totalitarianism preview coming to a state near you!

Health officials in the southern state of Victoria pled with the public to get themselves tested for COVID-19 and to ignore disinformation propagating online. (Scientific information from Doctors and qualified researchers – positive result does not mean you have it – use some science please?)

Having dodged the worst ravages of the pandemic (100 deaths? It has a .26 death rate and most of those are over 70) and eased most lockdown restrictions, (pseudo science) Australia is now struggling to contain several clusters around its second-biggest city that are delivering dozens of new cases each day. (testing positive for an anti-body not a virus)

“Disappointingly however we have had more than 10,000 people who have refused to be tested, (intelligent people) ” health minister Jenny Mikakos said.

Officials were still analysing the reasons given for refusing testing, but Mikakos said: “The report that I have received is that some people believe that coronavirus is a conspiracy, or that it won’t impact on them.” (covid-19 has never been isolated – please show us the papers – ohh they all failed to find the virus)

Describing the trend as “concerning” she said, “What I want to stress here is that coronavirus is a very contagious virus. (not based on statistics and the CDC so this in an untruth) It can go through your family very quickly.”

She said a “testing blitz” was vital to trace, track and ultimately check the spread of the disease. (pseudo science)

In the last week, 160,000 tests have been carried out in the area and almost 100,000 doors have been knocked on, she said.

Throughout the pandemic, falsehoods have spread quickly online across the world. (have you actually read the research?)

One prominent Australian conspiracy theorist, with 250,000 followers on Instagram alone, has made false claims about “contaminated test kits“, (yes this is a fact – test sent from China were found to be faulty) while denying the pandemic exists. (According to The WHO it is not a pandemic)

Similarly, AFP fact-checkers have debunked several spurious claims that testing is an excuse to implant Bill Gates-funded “microchips” or that tests do not work. (tests are very inaccurate and Bill Gates is behind a world wide push for a Covid-19 vaccine so this statement is in fact blatantly wrong)

Amid the deluge of disinformation, residents expressed deep unease about the impact of reinstated lockdowns. (form of torture)

More than 300,000 people have been forced back into lockdown around Melbourne until July 29. (against their rights and unlawful)

Source of this utter and complete garbage is AP – they should be ashamed at such poor quality journalism! But they are probably sold out.v

This guy has possible ties to China and would make a wonderful dictator

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