the truth about eternity

Eternal beings are thought to have a life span that cannot be measured in the terms of time which is linear. How can we measure eternity? I do not think we can because of its very nature. Eternity is not contained within this universe of experience that we (physical beings) currently exist in. Eternity has existential boundaries (inadequate word) that as finite beings we have no idea about except through brief glimpses. Many people have had those impressions through out time. They have been catapulted in to a parallel existence because as human beings we have that ability. In fact we exist in eternity and this temporal reality right now. We are the only beings that can exist in several realities at once.

The second reality we exist in is what most people think of the supernatural but this is not to be confused with eternity. We can get back to that later. We should really examine the supernatural realm first as it is one of the most misunderstood and over understood in human history. We think we know what it is a but really we are like children literally fumbling in the dark with crayons trying to document it.

Most people deny that it is actually real but they engage with it every day. It interacts with with us constantly. Every breath you take in its self is supernatural. Here is the reason why. When your soul or spirit as it is more accurately called ceases to exist so does your body mind and soul. What is the mind? The mind is our memories and experiences of a this temporal existence but it also interacts with our body soul and spirit. So what is the soul you ask? This is our emotional experience, our personality, who we are and it demonstrates itself through our body.

The eternal part of us is the spirit but make not mistake is is not a separate entity and cannot not exist in this reality without the soul and body. They all must interact with each in order to express in this light spectrum that most people call the world. The fact is, even when a persons mind is damaged physically because of the brain injury their spirit still exists and it can still express is self if given opportunity. I have a son who has very significant brain injury and his spirit often expresses itself even though he cannot form words and control his body. We can go on and on and debate until the end of time at what point someone is dead (as in brain dead)

So all of us interact with the supernatural. Think of the supernatural as in the in between place of the physical and eternity. Eternity in its self is a purposeful realm of existence. Human beings can exist in all three realities at once and are the only creature that can. Insanity is the imbalance of all of these realms of existence where the mind no longer can interpret what reality is which. Its is lost and does not know where the world, the supernatural and the spiritual boundaries are and therefore breaks. Insanity is never just a physiological disorder. In fact many disorders span two or more realms of reality.

So what about eternity? How can something we have no reference to be explained when human beings (other than a few) have never traversed both it and this temporal reality? (which includes the supernatural) Yes it can because were ourselves have that seed inside of us. It is the link between all three realities. What we chose to do with it will determine our interaction. We could speak about this in many volumes of words as have mankind done for thousands of years trying to explain the difference between eternity and the supernatural. But I will be very blunt. Eternity is where God exists and only he has access to it and that seed is our potential nature to enter in to it.

One man called Paul or formally Saul and very senior Jewish teacher once had a very intimate experience with eternity. He had what some say was a vision and was transported to heaven itself (eternity) He describes it as a very definite interaction with eternity. He saw himself physically taken from this reality and transported to heaven. The mechanism of this journey was instantaneous because there are no boundaries to cross as eternity is not a physical place like the one we are familiar with since birth. What he encountered was much like birth is to a baby inside the womb. Inside our mother we have no reference or concept of what the physical world is – how could we? So eternity is to our life.

If you wish to pursue theology and debate this all day and night please do so. It will not serve any end but to expand your potential knowledge. As much as knowledge is important wisdom is exponentially greater. Wisdom can grasp knowledge and apply. Where does wisdom begin? It begins with a a child like attitude and defies traditional thinking. There are so many people that believe they are wise in this world but are they really? Wisdom begins essentially with respecting eternity. Understanding that we are finite and do not process all knowledge nor are we greater than the one who exists in it.

This is the fundamental mistake of humanity. Every vile and evil thing ever done, said and thought has its roots firmly embedded in that one principle. Lack of respect and awe of eternity. If we accept eternity than we must accept the one that exists there and we become subject to it. It reaches out to us and touches the inkling inside us. We all have it regardless of our religious belief systems. In fact the universe we exist in came from that place regardless of what scientists think they know. (which is virtually nothing) They cannot even conceive the beginning no matter how advanced their understanding is. The more that is understood the more we are utterly and completely bankrupt with ignorance.

From this bankrupt state springs arrogance. The concept that eternity is redundant and we will all die and enter in nothingness. We are our own gods and steer the helm of life. If only our self superiority complex could relax for a millisecond we might just glimpse it again. But for those who have sold the credit of their morals over and over again the thought is terrifying to say the least. They know it is there and will do anything to ease themselves in to self deception in order to relieve the enormous pain it causes. Much like the vampire and the sun they hide in the shadows and become accustomed to its comforting depths of a depravity.

Yet eternity’s door remains open just a little longer to us all and we must decide if we will enter in to it knowing that everything we thought we were will be lost forever. Do we want to know where we originated from? I have already answered that question. Until we are ready to leave the cesspool of what we call life no matter how much power and riches we have obtained we will never even see the brief light of its open door and remain until the self perpetuating darkness of our existence ceases like a small but brief flame never to be seen again and then it will be too late.

Where will we go then? Perhaps I will write about this later. It would be hubris for me to think that I am any kind of authority on this meditation but I have scratched down these thoughts anyway.

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