dictatorship 101

The poorest prisoners of a self-proclaimed communist dictator using an unlawful pandemic to justify imprisoning innocent souls even though the WHO said the virus does not spread very well. Lies upon lies upon lies. When will this end? Who is really behind this?

Melbourne, Australia

“There was no communication. The steps taken were blunt and drastic. I was on the phone with my parents when we learnt of the hard shutdown on the news. Mum and Dad were stuck inside their apartment and when they looked out the window, there were police cars everywhere and the entire housing estate had already been sealed off from the rest of the world.

We didn’t know what was happening. We had no one to contact. Dad was in the middle of bringing groceries up from his car and when he tried to leave to get the rest of his groceries, the policeman informed him that he couldn’t leave his apartment and had to stay inside.

It’s distressing for my parents, for all the residents in these estates and for all of our families. It’s the lack of communication, not knowing what is going to happen and the fear for their health and safety knowing that there are confirmed COVID-19 cases currently in the buildings.”

The Age

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