global devistation

Well it’s not a conspiracy theory and its official. There are particulates being sprayed into our atmosphere. PhD scientist Dr. James Marvin Herndon and co-author Dr. Mark Whiteside, MD have published peer reviewed papers warning that it (spraying nanoparticles) will exacerbate covid19 and general health.

in the summary of the publication he says:

Particulate pollution has multiple, well-known, serious adverse consequences on human and environmental health. Airborne transmission has been identified as the dominant route in the global spread of COVID-19. Several lines of evidence now point to particulate pollution as a possible co-factor in the COVID-19 Pandemic, specifically, as a potential means of viral transport, and as a role in exacerbating susceptibility and mortality, and diminishing immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The association of particulate pollution with the COVID-19 Pandemic is a wake-up call to humanity that foreshadows even greater global devastation through undisclosed particulate pollution. Even in the midst of this Pandemic, we submit, the medical and public health community and others must demand a full and open accounting of all that transpired with respect to the causality of and response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including deliberate aerosol particulate pollution.

The attached PDF elaborates in detail.