My Note: I have never used this title as I though it was too extreme. This could not happen in my life time. No way! But as I look around I see lies accepted as truth. I see people smirking when someone tries to communicate facts they have learn’t from science, published and peer reviewed papers. Did you hear that? Peer reviewed reputable science. I love my brother but as a scientist he bought in to the hype even though I quoted peer reviewed and published science. How can that happen? This web site does contain some hype of course but there is a massive amount of science or were it can be found.

As material from dystopian novels such as 1984 begin to become a reality, we are witnessing the accelerated rollout of an agenda. Leading towards a predetermined future, which has already been decided for us. In this interview Spiro is joined by Richie Allen, who is a journalist, a producer and the host of the Richie Allen Radio Show. In this interview, Richie Allen shares information regarding contacts which he has been in touch with, who currently work for google. According to the unnamed source or sources, Google, Facebook and Twitter are coordinating with each other to carry out a multi-platform purge of accounts that question vaccine safety. The potential coming purge is said to coincide with the rollout of the new, experimental CODID-19 vaccine.

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