the purpose of dna

Throughout the history of the world there have been many events of great significance most of which many of us are completely ignorant of because we are fed by social media and the established press. It seems like there are official lines of information that are sanctioned and these are disseminated to the various outlets. News that falls outside the sanctions is never heard. Peoples lives that are affected by these alternative news sources remain anonymous and people like the Kardasians who add nothing to this world that is positive get more airplay than other valid human stories.

A sonnet does not pen its own notes. How can it? Does DNA write itself without knowing beginning and an end of the code. How can that code be weaved without a purpose to its design?

Behind news outlets are billionaires who own and influence what can released. Anyone with eyes can ascertain that the media and press have been slowly digested by massive media companies and the regurgitation of information is very specifically and subtly censored. Independent papers are no longer independent because their sources are filtered and they just do not have the resources to verify all of them. Where the news is specifically local and witnessed first hand a commentary of lies hangs over the reality like fog obscuring the beauty of what cannot be seen.

But there are sources of news are that are not linked to any media outlets nor are they censored if you are willing to listen. Listening without preconceptions seeded in our mind since birth is very difficult. These sources have been around since the beginning of time and they are not a great mystery or secret. You see if you were to look at the sub atomic structures of everything that can be seen with the human eye you would notice a very definite pattern. Everything in the universe has purpose and structure and therefore design. Before we switch off and start yelling “intelligent design” and you are a nutter, can you honestly and objectively deny that this is true? Function and purpose is behind the molecular structure of everything we see. How then are drugs that treat illness designed? With a function and a purpose.

If we look at historical events we will see similar purpose behind them all. Like a symphony there always is a beginning and an end. There is structure in music that is definite and beautiful or not so depending upon the hearer! I agree that some music sounds like chaos but even in that tornado of sound there is still a progression of notes and happily an end. I cannot speak about everything in a few short paragraphs and engage with every great mind in the world but I can notice structure, purpose and design in everything including history.

Specifically I want to focus on a man called Abraham (formally Abram) who lived approximately 4000 years ago in Mesopotamia located near Iraq. I recall when I first imagined him and how he was going about his normal life when God spoke to him. This was before there was any modern religion. There was no Judaism, Islam or Christianity. They worshipped several gods of the time. (you can duckduckgo this if you want) How did he know it was God? What drove him to leave his home?

I think of this way. God sought him out specifically. God chose him out of all the people that existed for specific purpose that was far larger than Abram could imagine. In order to illustrate this God speaks to Abram and tells him that his descendants would out number the stars even though he had no children when these words came to him..

Abram came from UR and left a fairly populous area to travel to a significantly more remote place to establish a new people. At that time he was 75 years old so he was not a young man. What did he do to deserve this honor? I believe this is simpler than you might think. He obeyed. Here is the stream I have not yet mentioned. This desire of God to interact with mankind. To reveal himself to a mere man. Abraham or Abram as he was known then simply obeyed the voice. Most people would be committed to an insane asylum if they left their home to travel to the wilderness and attributed that to the voice of God.

Through this strange man God established a new people. Well actually two peoples as he had a child with a woman called Hagar which is where modern Arabs originate. Of course the the first group of people have become to known as the Israelites. Those two people groups have warred ever since. (just as aside) However the heirloom to guard with your last breath is this – God wants to interact with you. Not only does God want to interact with you he wants to create stream that originates from his river of history. I bring up Abraham because he is an ancient man that not only stepped in to a stream he was in the center of the primary river of the supernatural history of mankind.

You might ask the critical question that the human spirit aches to to have answered at every millisecond of our existence from the time we emerge into this world until the last wind escapes our lungs. I know without any possibility of doubt that God knew the moment you were conceived and He will know the exact millisecond when your spirit leaves this material realm. You are recognized not by only your physical form but by what is in the center of your innermost being. Your true molecular code is known intimately by Him. The human genome has been decoded but there is something that cannot be unravelled by science alone but by the architect of every particle that exists in this universe. God is aware of each these particles current location and he knows us beyond our molecular structure.

Imagine knowing the infinite lines of code that God has memorized and held close to his heart over the history of human kind. We do not have the storage capacity on every quantum computer in this world to even contain the metadata of the river of God that contains our identity. Yet God does. I understand that there is a massive behemoth in this mental space that I know you are yelling. “There is no God!” God exists and every molecule cries out yes! The perfect orbit of the universe both seen and unseen in itself proves that there is a symphony within a symphony within a symphony. Design, purpose and function. Something cannot have function without a purpose for that function. It cannot function without a design or an author of that design. How can random chaos design? A symphony cannot play itself. How can it? A sonnet does not pen its own notes. How can it? Does DNA write itself without knowing beginning and an end of the code. How can that code be weaved without a purpose to its design?

Nothing exists without a purpose and the fact that we as finite beings do not understand does not retract from the light that illuminates the universe from an unknown and potentially imperceptible number of stars. Can all the greatest minds that have ever existed and draw breath today understand a disenable amount of information that is held within this universe? To even suggest this would be in itself complete and utter delusion. Many would suggest that to recognise a creator in itself is a deception. Could the unreserved and indisputable fact be the opposite? Does it take more than unbounded faith to say that all of the visible and the indiscernible have no intimate design?

There is source of truth so pure in its roots and genesis that we as disfigured sentients can no longer recognise due to the impairment of our vision and corruption of spirit. This certainty we have abandoned is the river I speak of. It is nearer that the molecules that dance about you.

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