German Chancellor Angela Merkel must have been informed about the studies.

The first comprehensive, representative and completed “Research Gap” study on the existing oral-nose protection regulations (MNS) in Germany may have unforeseeable legal consequences: millions of people could sue because the burdens, complaints and consequential damage that have already occurred have been scientifically proven for the first time. The basis of the unique data collection was the specially developed questionnaire, “FPPBM” with a total of 35 points.

For Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), the key message of study author Daniela Prousa is likely to come at an inconvenient time. For while Spahn is thinking about mandatory tests for returnees, and strongly rejects the abolition of the mask requirement in shops, public institutions and public transport, the psychologist summarizes the results of her work in a sentence that has it all:

“The fact that about 60 percent of people who experience the regulations are already experiencing severe psychosocial consequences, such as a greatly reduced participation in life in society due to aversion-related MNS avoidance, social withdrawal, reduced health self-care, even the avoidance of doctor’s appointments, or the strengthening of pre-existing health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder, herpes, and migraines,

In fact, the mask has the potential to “create strong psychovegetative stress reactions through emerging aggression, which are significantly correlated with the degree of stressful after-effects.”
Prousa is not alone in her opinion. Several psychologists dealt with the mask problem — and most came to devastating results. Ignoring them would be fatal, according to Prousa.

“How else can any critical effects in the context of high-quality ‘health care for the population’ be
identified in a timely manner?” asks the psychologist, raising another question: “How else can the rule of law of proportionality be examined at all, even with respect for the benefit-damage ratio?”

In this sense, her study aims to broaden the “scientific, political and social view” by showing the damage sides of the mouth-nose protection regulations.

According to Prousa, psychologists have already noticed changes in subjective self-experience and in the perception of identity of people wearing masks. According to the scientists, claustrophobia, plastic taste and discomfort are also unpleasant side effects of the politically imposed coercion.

The Kassler psychologist Antje Ottmers, for example, reported on her practical experiences with patients who had worn masks in the HNA on July 6. “Trauma patients have also been triggered by the new compulsion. The feeling of powerlessness has sometimes led to massive self-harm».
The general corona situation makes the situation much worse, as the psychologist explains: “But since everyone has to wear a mask in certain areas, the psychological effects have increased massively”.

If you want to understand the effect of the mask compulsion, you should follow the words of the psychologists exactly. Because it’s about much more than just fear, self-harm and depression. It is about the mask changing our nature. “Man is no longer perceived as a human being, but as a danger – and a danger often has to be combated,” explains Ottmers, and: “From my point of view, the use of the mask is negligible, with regard to the damage it causes in the psyche.”

However, the Federal Press Office seems to ignore the fact that statements such as these are publicly available and have been printed in the established regional media of the Republic. The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, as the authority is officially called, on the one hand informs citizens and media in Germany about the work of the German Federal Government — and informs the latter about the news situation in Germany and worldwide.

And so the assumption that Chancellor Angela Merkel or Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn would not know since July about the massive damage caused by the mask obligation would only be credible if the Federal Press Office (BPA) did not do its job properly. It is not appropriate to assume that this is the case. This is because 410 employees work at its headquarters in Berlin, and another 60 in Bonn. The head of the powerful supreme federal authority and at the same time spokesman of the Federal Government in the rank of official secretary of state is the former ZDF anchor Steffen Seibert. And because his authority is directly subordinate to the Chancellor, the Chancellor will also have personally heard about Ottmer’s statements in the daily chancellor’s portfolio of the BPA.

Just as the federal government learns about this article from Corona Transition. The only question is: why not react to the scientific facts and public references to the severe negative effects of the mask compulsion?

“The fact that the MNS regulations are not only a trivial-pragmatic matter, but a massive intervention, is also made clear by the well-known neurobiologist Gerald Hüther: The general wearing of masks, via neuropsychological processes, can change our behaviour in a lasting way,” writes Prousa.

Researchers at the University of Bamberg, on the other hand, found that masks “complicate the perception of emotions in the other person, lead to misinterpretations and thus attack confidence in one’s own perception,” as the psychologist sums up. Results such as these are not secret in Germany, they are often published via the Science Information Service, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). And so the question cannot be asked often enough: why does the Chancellor of the Republic, as the supreme leader of political decisions, ignore everything that scientifically calls into question the compulsion to wear masks?

The ignorance of politics towards the knowledge of science contributes to another aspect which, if it were not bitterseriousness, could be seen as an irony of fate. Wearing the mask triggers stress, which weakens the body’s immune system via complex biochemical cascades.

“If the load persists and new prevention attempts persist, some of the hormonal and autonomous reactions remain elevated, including in periods of interlife and rest, immunosuppression, reduced T-lymphocyte cell activity, and a number of other organ damage, often caused by persistent corticosteroid activity,” the current study by psychologist Daniela Prousa cites a mechanism observed as early as 1996.

What should interest Department 2 of the Federal Press Office, however, which is responsible for media observation, is the study author’s assessment of the observed immunodeficiency due to mask-induced stress: “This is important in terms of the duration of the MNS regulations.”

Source: Study on mental and psychovegetative ailments with the current mouth-nose protection regulations – July 20, 2020

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