In a world where you cannot leave your home for something that is no more dangerous than a flu what hope is there? What is the point of even going on or bothering to fight against the machine that is grinding our bones in to dust. Who has the power? The billions of people around us or non-elected organisations like the WHO or the United Nations, or the Health Authorities or even your local government. (elected I know but did your vote actually count?)

The world is so insane and we are the the benefactors of its rotten fruit. Do you honestly think that the people calling the shots are down there in the trenches with you? No lets not live in fantasy island and come back to reality. They do not care if you live or die. Your government is doing what? Causing a problem, making you suffer and then offering to be a savoir to the very thing they put you in? Is there a reason this is happening?

When it comes to spiritual things I do not and will never agree with this man. But when it comes to investigation and joining the dots and keeping us abreast with the why and the who. There a few as good. Have listen to a a few minutes and see what you think.

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