where is the real power today?

We often assume that the real power is in the people’s ability to vote for the correct candidate and if we vote for the best side then righteousness will prevail and our cause will win the day! This might be true to some small extent however can massive companies that we interact with each day influence the outcome an election? Can they alter our thoughts and make us think they are actually our own? Who are these behemoths of the electronic world? Of course I refer to Google, Facebook, Instagram and the like. We all know and have acquiesced to Google collecting information about us for decades and selling it to the highest bidder.

Recently they have deleting reputable You Tube accounts with decades of work behind them. These massive libraries are gone in a puff of smoke like they never existed. I hope this interview will help us stop our acquiescence to these platforms and force us to think for ourselves. This is the story of a Google whistle blower.

Google Insider
What is in it for social media companies?