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UK: Doctor Calls On Boris Johnson & NHS To Provide Evidence COVID-19 Exists

Dr. Kevin Corbett is a doctor and health scientist in the United Kingdom. His work has been recognized across the, UK and in he has written extensively on the alleged coronavirus as a “coronahysteria.” He joins me today to talk about the pressure he is applying to those in authority who he believes have pulled of an incredible hoax on the public.

Dr. Kevin Corbett has:

  • his own health research and management consultancy based in London
  • originally trained as an Artist,  then qualified like his parents, as a British Registered Nurse in 1986
  • worked in ICU, medical, primary care and forensic nursing
  • worked UK’s first HIV hospital ward London opened by Princess Diana in 1987
  • undertaken Nursing and Medical Sociology research on people’s experiences of the tests used in HIV: the ELISA, Western blot and PCR tests
  • over thirty years of Nursing and Research experience
  • been awarded over $200, 000 in research grants
  • now retired from working as a qualified nurse teacher and university lecturer
  • has over 150 research publications and still counting!
Come on Boris – where is the evidence?

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