you are a slave

“What you need to understand is this. You are not in control. That is a purposefully constructed illusion to ensure you remain in a self-imposed prison. The more you believe this misinformation the further it calluses your consciousness . Once this has cemented in your mind you will no longer have the will or the desire to smash the great block of slavery. So decide now. You are not free.”

“We travel throughout life with a genuine misconception that our choices will ultimately affect the master outcome.”

Two Kinds

There are two types of people that currently reside on this planet as we know it. Those who are the virus and those who are the cure.

The first contaminant is the inexplicable truth. The reality of who we are as living and breathing beings. This has been suppressed through the whole length of humanity’s existence but never more than now. Your complete worth is found in shred of legal blood stained paper and the concept of your freedom is only in your imagination as your right to such was wrenched from your infant hands by your parents as you cried for the first time in the sterile confines of a hospital ward. The very people who believed they were giving you succour inadvertently removed any evidence of the truth. Instead they taught you how to submit yourself to a  genuinely insidious system whose purpose is to hide everything that could leave any further trace that you are any more than what you have come to believe that you are. If you dare glimpse the taboo of the unattainable the world system assaults you from every conceivable angle until in utter exhaustion you admit defeat. If you fail to fall the same system will distract your pursuit with wealth, the illusion of power or anything else that numbs your intuition until you are unaware of your own starvation. The truth it seems has become negotiable and you have signed over that check to the very entity most intent to use the power you willingly give to design your very demise. You laugh and smile as though they have given you such a great gift in return but as you unwrap it you see that layer upon layer has become a spiders web of entanglement and despair. The essence of your life is being slowly extricated from your circulatory system until you become too weak or giddy to care.

Those who have persisted, discovered the truth and chose to endure the grain of society are persecuted and labelled extremists, madmen or outlaws. Alternatively they are medicated in to oblivion so their mind resides just below the water line of consciousness.  They are the first virus. The solution is all around them so no matter where they turn death will inevitably embrace them as slip into to the quiet.

The second viral infestation in humanity is the very illusion I alluded to above – freedom. Without truth there cannot possibly be any semblance of freedom because after all what reference point do you have other than the one your caregivers indoctrinated you with. If you open your eyes now and gaze upon the world what two things have been decimated by our non-elected overlords? The truth and therefore our freedom. When has anyone ever given up a war with barely a whimper uttered? They say that many heinous sexually based crimes are perpetrated upon us by those we know and trust. Familiar faces that smile and spew gold plated sewage in our orifices and convince us to trust their intent for our well-being. It does not take any imagination to guess their identity. They merely service those who lurk behind the curtains of deception and who have planned this event for centuries. Most of us are aware of our depraved state as much as the proverbial undead who moan whatever the smiling servants of darkness utter as the talking heads deploy their cure through electromagnetic waves that travel at light speed and ignite the tiny pinpricks of colour for images to form. Then digital amplifiers send commands to our compromised auditory interface so as to implant their lies through every conceivable means.

The conquest is complete. Truth and freedom have been extinguished. Those who still think they have it are no more in procession of it than the billions of comatosed who dream of wealth they only possess in their unconsciousness. Their true state should they chose to wake is they are so bankrupt and deprived that the malnutrition of their minds may lead to an irreversible and catatonic state of their conscious self after the catastrophic shock of reality they have chosen to subject themselves to becomes apparent. It is this false realisation somewhere deep in the innermost part of their being that assures them the dream is far better than entering in to the world of the wake. So they chose to reside there and become the solution to the very virus that will eventually consume them, everything and everyone they love. The paradox is that they are unknowing and simultaneously acutely aware that they are in fact the vaccine to the very viruses of truth and freedom that their souls scream for in the silence of their wretched existence.

They have become the cure and those of us who fight for freedom and truth are the focus of their delusion. They hate us but not a much as they despise their own despicable state as they forcefully inflict the cure because in us they see a reflection of themselves. Perhaps if they destroy our freedom that somehow theirs will be redeemed. But they know it is lie and continue their vehemence until their very souls are cast into an oblivion. Perhaps there they will feel no more. Maybe they can be lost and be no more.

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