nein, nein, nein!

40k Berliners say nein, nein nein to being suppressed by a few elite fascists who want to dictate like another infamous man.

German so called leaders said – “‘Intolerable attack on democracy!’ Really? Are they joking?

“Far-right extremists tried to storm the German parliament building following a protest against the country’s coronavirus pandemic restrictions” – So anyone who disagrees is a “far right” right?

“I am not prepared to accept that Berlin is misused as a stage for COVID 19 deniers and right-wing extremists.” said another fascist

Kennedy gave his speech here

CNN (A total joke of a publication bought and sold prostitutes) said this –

“Using denial as a coping mechanism is not always a bad choice. Short-term, it gives someone the time to adjust to a situation. When it becomes a long-term crutch and puts others in harm’s way, it can be dangerous.

Hi I am a good puppet