gates has a big british “prick” for all Her Majesty’s citizens

Yes Billy has pay-rolled the independent (ha ha ha ha) vaccine committee and will use the armed services to ensure they all (Royal slaves) get the unlicensed and untested vaccine jab. If it kills you tough titties. Big pharma is indemnified and you are dead. Sorry UK. Maybe you should immigrate to Melbourne.

FYI – That’s right Queen E is wetting herself just thinking about it as she sips tea with Bill and Melinda psychopath Gates. Sounds cool hey? Charles is consulting demons and making moronic speeches about climate change and how it caused a virus. The man should be cured with a lead pill and put to rest once and for all. Perhaps he might be willing to share this cure with Gill and his husband. However you can’t ever seem to get rid of bloody cockroaches. They can even survive a nuke. Perhaps a rogue agent could plonk one on Switzerland and get rid of our mate Rothspider kid and Rockyourfella but that would spoil the alps and bring on a nuclear winter.

Enough fantasises for now. Let’s have geezer at the vid.

Enjoy the jab