self perception deception

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

I am married to a very head strong (or persistent) Asian lady who struggles with English. (like the rest of us) Recently I enrolled her in a course after she agreed she needed some qualification in her new country.

Curiously when she arrived at the course she was asked by the institute owner if it was her choice to enrol of which she answered yes. However during the lessons she has struggled to grasp the English and the notes provided which to me looked like they were stolen, I mean sourced from many places. (cut and pasted pieces of paper) Now as a concerned husband I raised this with them after they refused to allow her to record the audio to review it later. (like at any lecture in UNI or College) The coordinator cited privacy and I questioned this with them and got a rather interesting email back. It was quite aggressive in its posture and was almost like I had committed a crime by sticking up for my wife. (in my mind anyway)

I admit I picked apart the email untruths and called them on it. How dare I?

Then my wife reminded me of the owners comments to the effect – “Are you here on your own free will?” HMMM western man enrols Asian lady with basic English in a course to earn cash for him. Sounds familiar? I must be a slave owner. Perhaps I purchased her to use as a resource for my playboy lifestyle. Of Course I could not possibly be madly in love with her. Did I mention the owner is Asian too although not from the same country. Could it be someone tried to do that to her? I do not know and would never assume anything like that.

This is not the first time I have been accused of some heinous and despicable act by another party without the said party engaging in any investigation or something simple like having a conversation with me. You see I have a very serious disability which has plagued my wonderful and fulfilling life.

I have sought chemical treatments and hours of counselling but it refuses to go away. It is worse than dead bugs on your car or those evil stains on your underwear. It is called honesty and is accompanied by faithfulness.

Gentle openness and being straight forward is a huge disorder I know. Please feel free to stop reading this now because it is so offensive. How dare I speak the truth and have well constructed and logical response to a completely disconcerting letter! How dare I question what I do not agree with! I must be a psychopath uncaring of others “feelings” (although it is perfectly ok to trash mine and smash them in to the black hole of oblivion)

I am a hater and scourge upon the modern world and should be thrown in a deep dark prison for the term of my natural life. (no that was my last marriage)

Does this sound rather familiar? Why are people who question this global event being silenced for just raising concerns over the complete void of science presented by those who persecute? The fervour is religious in its intensity.

The priests of truth that represent the Church of the Media go after anyone who uses the grey matter between their ears like salivating attack dogs while big tech push the delete button on repositories of truth as they laugh maniacally like Dr Evil.

Confessions of the insane:
1. I can be an asshole when being denied my unrealistic expectation of someone doing what they said they would do in exchange for currency.
2. I fanatically persist sometimes and fight injustice as I see it.
3. I allow passion to get the better of me and just don’t know when give up and shut up.
4. I give too much honest information away for free which causes some to question my agenda.
5. I keep deluding myself that there must be one honest politician hiding somewhere that can rise up and do something… honest?

Does this make me an idealist? Perhaps it does. Bloody hell! How many other mental issues do I have now?